Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wild Things

There's a classic book that the boys love these days.  Maybe you've heard of it?  It's called "Where the Wild Things Are".  It's about a little boy who wore a wolf suit and "made mischief of one kind and another" until his mother sends him to his room, where his imagination takes over.    We've read it over and over for a naptime story the past few weeks.  And then, I say "OK Wild Things, it's time for naps!" and Ian and Miles say "We're not wild things" in unison.  With cute grins to match.  They're right, of course.  They're not wild things....not ALL the time anyway....but they ARE good at making mischief...of all kinds! 
The "wild things" - aren't they cute? ;-)

Me and my #1 mischief maker 

Here are my other 2 mischief makers.  Actually, since they're pretty small yet, Clark mostly gets in Evan's way and messes up his games.  Here's the usual progression. 

1.  Evan is happily playing with "CARS" dominoes...lining them up just so.  (Isn't he adorable, by the way?  Even though he does need a haircut.  Talk to his mother about that!)

 2.  Clark comes along, takes one look at what Evan is doing, and immediately decides he wants to be involved too. 

3.  Clark helps himself to Evan's toys, usually eliciting a squawk and "NO, NO" from Evan.

4.  Clark decides that it's no fun after all and heads off to find something else to do.  Evan quickly "fixes" the mess, muttering to himself.  I'm sure he'd classify the baby as a "wild thing" given half a chance!

Finally, lest anyone think she's being left out, here's my little girl, the lover of all things colorful, with one of the big watermelons from our garden this fall.  She loves bold stripes, prints, and what her grandma terms "wild colors".  No, I usually don't allow her to go out of the house dressed like this, but it was mismatch day at school for homecoming week, so she had a ball dressing up in colorful things.  She said she was the most mismatched one in her class!

So, if you ask me where the wild things are, I'll probably tell you they're right here.  And I'm loving every wild minute of it.  Most of the time. 


  1. what a fun the interaction photos between the kids.....

  2. Love it! I refer to our "wild things" as monkeys! :)