Thursday, September 30, 2010

So Smart

Clark has this face he makes when he thinks he's pretty smart.  It includes a slightly wrinkled up nose and a big smile.  We've been seeing it a lot lately.   I was trying to capture it the other day.  Here's the results.

Too blurry.  He's pretty fast....always moving.

Whatcha got there Mom?

Happy baby grins...but not quite what I'm looking for.....
There it is!
Is he smart or what? ;-)


  1. Definitely choose smart over "or what". :) Growing up too fast, Momma! Slow it down over there, will ya?

  2. Ooo... and I just noticed your menu list over at the side there. Nice. I might have to "cheat" off you on those nights when I have no idea what to fix. ;) Cuz I'm too lazy to make up my own list. Ha.