Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Morning

6:00 AM:  Blink at the clock, realize that it's 1/2 an hour past time to get up, and wriggle carefully out from between 2 warm little sleeping bodies, one of whom is teething and wanted to nurse all night, and the other who somehow migrated into bed with Mommy in the wee hours of the morning.  Stumble downstairs to find contacts, make coffee, and start breakfast.

6:30 AM:  Wake up grumpy daughter.  Have following conversation.

MOM:  What do you want to wear today?  It's going to be chilly, you need something warm.
KAYLEE:  I'm still tired.
MOM:  How about this outfit?
KAYLEE:  I don't WANT to wear that.
MOM:  Why not?  It's warm and soft and comfortable.  Almost like your jammies.
KAYLEE:  NO.  I don't want to wear it.
MOM:  Well, ok, how about this instead?
KAYLEE:  No, I don't want to wear that either.
MOM:  Ok, you pick something out.  Just make sure it's warm.  Don't forget your socks and glasses.

Leave the room.  Listen to the voice behind you whining....."But I don't know what to wear!!"

6:40 AM:  Miles is up.  Take him potty and dress him.  Head downstairs to finish breakfast.  Miles wants to help.  Let him crack the egg and then pick the shells out of the pancake batter.

6:50 AM:  Kaylee appears, dressed, and in a better frame of mind.  Have her set the table.  Sit down to chocolate chip pancakes.  YUMMY.

7:00 AM:  Attempt to braid Kaylee's hair while she hops from one foot to another. 

7:10 AM:  Baby is awake.  Get him up and change his diaper.  Send Miles and Kaylee to get their shoes on.

7:15 AM:  Find Miles' other shoe, put jackets on him and Clark, tell Kaylee for the 5th time that she has her leaves in a bag in her backpack.

7:20 AM:  Load the kids into the car and head for the bus.

7:27 AM:  Bus arrives.  Send Kaylee off to school.  Wait 10 minutes for sister to show up with her kids.

7:40 AM:  Head back home. 

7:45 AM:  Warm up pancakes, feed nephews.  Feed cats and dogs.  Warm up coffee that has been forgotten until now.

8:00 AM:  Check email, facebook, and blogger feed, while repeatedly reminding the boys not to jump on the couch.  Start a load of laundry. 

8:45 AM:  Nurse baby and put him down for his nap.

9:00 AM:  Take a basket of clean clothes upstairs to put them away.

9:05 AM:  Return downstairs because someone is crying.  Find Miles standing in a puddle of 1/2 a gallon of milk, holding an overflowing glass.  Look around the corner to find Evan sitting on top of the contents of all 3 bookshelves.  Note that Ian is nowhere is be seen.

9:06 AM:  Take a deep breath and start cleaning up the messes.  Remind self that it HAS to get better.

9:15 AM:  Baby fusses and refuses to go back to sleep. 

10:00 AM:  Gaze outside at the beautiful fall day.  Look around the messy living room at the 4 healthy little boys playing.  Glance into the kitchen at the well-stocked cupboards.  Decide to be thankful for the chaos.

10:30 AM:  Decide to share the morning's events, just in case anyone needs to feel better about their day!



  1. Ha! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! Hang in there! :)

  2. And then, at 11:45 AM, the county sheriff arrives, saying that they received a 911 call from our house and when they tried to call us back they couldn't get through. Just making sure everything is OK. WHAT???? Check our's working fine. Check the caller ID, no record of them calling. I don't THINK the boys were playing with the phone this morning...they were too busy making other messes! Apparently this happens sometimes.....for no reason at all. WEIRD.

  3. I've been waiting for that to happen at our house...but not because our phone is acting up! LOL!