Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crayon Rolls

Since becoming reaquainted with my sewing machine lately, I've decided to make a few other things for my kids.  They've been using plastic ziploc bags to hold their crayons in their "meeting bags", which are less than ideal for more than one reason.  The bags make lots of rustly noise as they search for the right crayon, and get easily dumped, which leads to crayons rolling off onto the floor or down into the couch cushions.  Enter a solution.....crayon rolls!

I followed a super easy tutorial found here.  All it took was a few small pieces of fabric, some interfacing, a couple of velcro pieces, and an hour or so of my time.  We already had the crayons. 

Here they are all filled up and ready for action.  Miles' is on the top and Kaylee's on the bottom.  If I were to make hers over I'd put the purple fabric behind the crayons and make the pockets from the print.  But she likes it this way, so its all good!

 I was really quite pleased with the way they turned out.  The Hot Wheels fabric was a hit with Miles.  And Kaylee, of course, got colorful flower prints.  Below are the outside of the rolls.  They're really more square than they appear (in spite of my rather rudimentary sewing skills!), because filling them with crayons causes them to bunch up a bit.  They're also supposed to be tied with ribbon, but since little ones have trouble tying things, I opted for the more kid-friendly velcro circles.

The perfect size to take anywhere!

The kids used them this morning.  No more rustling around with plastic bags, no spilled or lost crayons, just happy little coloring kiddos.  What more could you ask for?   I may be making more of these.