Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Attempt

Somehow, my sewing machine and I have never gotten along very well.  I've always had a vague idea that I may have been born without that gene, even though my mom can sew beautifully.  Or maybe it's just that I've never done much of it, aside from a couple projects (think pillows and sweatshirts) in high school home ec class and some flannel baby wipes.  But I've been seeing all these cute little girl sewing projects and decided that I'd better get cracking before my little girl grows up!  So, with that in mind, I took Kaylee to the Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago to pick out fabric for a simple, 3 tiered gathered skirt with an elastic waist.  She picked out her choices...a polka dot, a stripe, and a paisley.  (YEP, that's my girl!)

I followed the tutorial here, and it was actually fairly easy.  To my surprise, it didn't take much time at all and the end product turned out pretty cute! 

Here it is on.  She's got it on crooked...the side seam is in the front, but you get the idea!  It looks a bit funny without a top, because so much of the polka-dot shows.  I did it that way purposely because I didn't want to cover up ALL that pattern with her shirt or sweater.  She's got a cream colored sweater with yellow and brown buttons that I think will go perfectly with the skirt.

I also forgot to allow for the hem on the bottom tier, so it ended up more narrow than the other 2, I think it looks OK.  Next time if I want a skirt to be this long on her, I'll put in more tiers.  Three just doesn't make it "twirly" enough.  I'm thinking 5 would be about right.  Or, if I only use 3, make the skirt shorter, more knee length. 

So, while it's definitely not perfect, it's not bad for my first real project in over 15 years!  Maybe the sewing machine and I can be friends after all.


  1. Go girl ... there are so many cute tutorials on line and patterens for free .. have fun and keep showing us what you are doing!!!

  2. CUTE! I like it a lot! I have one for myself I've been working (veeeerrrry slowly) on for a while now and it does have 5 layers, so I think you're right about that. Your little Miss can't help but look cute in anything! ;)