Wednesday, October 6, 2010


3 year olds say the cutest things.  Here's some of Miles' statements from the past couple weeks.

While looking out the patio door in the dining room of my sister's new house, which sits on the top of a hill:  "Mommy, we're up in the sky, huh?"

Looking into the entryway of Hobby Lobby, which has Christmas trees up already:  "Hey, they have Christmas in there!"

To Daddy, who was trying to put him to bed:  "But I want Mommy to lie down with me.  She's softer."

Upon being told that he needs to take his pajamas off and get dressed:  "But these are night AND day jammies!"

To Evan, sitting on the couch, singing some nonsense words to the tune of Hymn #1:  "I"m reading the story of Jesus."


  1. OH... keep writing them down because you will forget!!!

  2. Sooooo cute! Thanks for the reminder to write those things down! I've been rather lax in that since we moved! Think I'll go find the boys' notebooks right now while I'm thinking of it!!! :)