Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a Day

It's been interesting around here today. We've had septic problems for some time, and have been living with a sump pump draining the tank every so often to keep it from backing up into the basement while we waited for the ground to thaw. Yesterday the pump quit. Luckily, they're coming tomorrow to install the new septic tank and drain field. While that means several hours without water, and digging up my favorite perennial bed, at least it will fix the problem. Then the pipe leading to the outdoor faucet in the basement sprang a leak, and sprayed water all over the basement when I tried to run the sprinkler in the garden this afternoon. Oh joy, more water in the basement. As if we didn't have enough already.

On the plus side, it was beautiful weather outside today. High 70's, sunny, with only a slight breeze. So of course the kids played outside, and got dirty as could be climbing the pile of rock to be used in the drain field. BUT, since we can't run any amount of water down the drain without it backing up in the basement, it was off to Grandma's for baths before Bible study. In the rush, I forgot to bring in my seedling plants that I'd put outside for a bit of real sunshine. You guessed it, when we got home, the dog had eaten half of the peat pots. I think I salvaged most of the plants, but we'll have to see.

I've got stacks of dishes and laundry that need attention, but I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow has got to be an improvement.


  1. Wow- you're right, what a day! Sorry you had one of 'those' days- especially if you're not feeling well lately. By the way- how's that going? I can soooo sympathize!

  2. Thanks, that's one day I'd rather not repeat! As for feeling sick, it's going OK; I find if I eat something at the first sign of queasiness it seems to help: at least for an hour or so. Not so great for the weight gain, but hey, it's all worth it, right? :-)