Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Days

I've been babysitting my new nephew Evan for 3 weeks now. He's such a cute, happy baby. The first week was tough, since he didn't like the idea of drinking his milk from a bottle and Miles was a bit jealous of Mommy spending so much time with "that baby", but everything has settled down and we're into a routine now. Isn't he sweet?

The kids think he's pretty nice too. Kaylee is totally fascinated by babies. Shes a great helper too. It's nice to have someone to run and get diapers, burp cloths, the pacifier, or whatever I need! :-)

Speaking of babies: our cat Summer had kittens yesterday! 4 little gray balls of fur. Kaylee was so excited. She's been down to see them four times already. I bet the poor momma cat would like a bit more peace and quiet, but she seems to like the attention as well. I remember the excitement of kittens when I was a kid. Looks Kaylee's a bit like her momma too!

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