Friday, October 2, 2009

Can You Actually Have Too Many Onsies?

I recently realized that I likely have less than 6 weeks left before baby comes and I have NOTHING prepared for him. I mean nothing. So this week I decided that I'd better start getting ready.

I dug the car seat out of the basement where it's been hanging out since Miles outgrew it. I located the bouncy seat down there too, used more recently for baby Evan. Sometime this weekend I plan to wash the cover on the car seat at least. I'm in the process of moving the kids clothes to a bigger chest so that baby can have the one they're currently using (and sorting out anything they've outgrown in the process.)

Since I'd vowed to get started, I picked up the newborn baby boy clothes boxes from Mom's attic this week. The ones that have been going back and forth between my sister and I for our boys for about 3 years. When Miles was born, I seem to remember that there was only 1 box. Somehow it has now grown into 2 full rubbermaid tubs. So tonight I sat down and sorted out all the things that I thought baby could wear..... sleepers, onsies, some hats, and a few actual outfits for Sundays and/or special occasions. After I washed them and started folding, I was amazed at the amount of onsies there are in those boxes. So after I got them all folded, I counted, just to see how many there actually were. I found.....

40 onsies (12 are plain white)
6 newborn sleepers
11 small sleepers (0-3 mo)
5 fuzzy fleece sleepers
6 long sleeve onsies wth pants
8 outfits (cute little things he'll probably never wear)
1 baby sock.

So, tell me, what newborn baby actually needs this many clothes????? Since Ian and Miles were both summer babies, they practically lived in onsies for their first few months. Plus it's always nice to have onsies to layer under sleepers when it's cold out. But 40 of them? Where did they all come from? And what happened to all the socks? I know socks disappear, but honestly, I had at least a dozen pairs for Miles. Did the various dryers actually eat 23 socks?

Anyway, I'm off to put a load of newborn cloth diapers in the machine. And see if I can find the box with the baby blankets in it. I have a feeling I'll be washing diapers MUCH more often than baby clothes!


  1. Sounds like you might have enough socks...*clear throat*...sock for one thing - a sock monkey! Sounds like it would be infant size too :D. Good luck with all your preparations!

  2. Too funny! I kind of know how you feel- the majority of the clothes we've got are hand-me-downs, and it seems like there's a MILLION of them! :) Maybe I can donate extra sets of socks- we certainly seem to have a lot! :P