Monday, April 16, 2012

It's been a year. How did that happen?

I knew it had been a long time since I blogged, but I really didn't think it had been a whole year.  And yet, it has.  A year and 4 days, to be exact.  Crazy how time flies.  So, bullet points again.  And hopefully I'll update again before another year goes by!

-  We did decide to homeschool this year.  It's been a good experience overall, and I'm glad we took the leap.  I love the literature based curriculum that we're using, and Kaylee seems to like it.  The flexibility is very nice too.  We plan to keep it up next year. 
Kaylee doing school

-My CSA venture tested out pretty well, so I've decided to expand it to include a few more customers.  5 this year, in fact.  Hopefully I can keep up with them!  I also got laying hens a few months ago, so I now have an overabundance of eggs to sell.  The kids LOVE the chickens, and I have to say I'm pretty hooked on them myself.  We have 24 Barred Rock hens, 1 Red Cochin rooster, and 3 pullets.

Spring CSA box contents

Barred Rock Hen
-Rich's Grandma Mary moved in with us in September, when Grandpa went to the nursing home.  Lots of adjustments but overall it's been a good thing for everyone. Grandpa died in March.  We miss him but are glad that he's not suffering any more.

Our last visit with Grandpa

Grandpa and Grandma, in October 2011

 We had an incredibly mild winter, with very little snow.  The kids did get to make a few snowmen, though. 
Snowmen, winter 2011-12
-We went to Montana and Yellowstone last summer for vacation.  My brother got married in Montana, so it was a great reason to get out there.  It was a fun trip.  My sister also got married in November in Oklahoma, so lots of traveling to weddings for us!
Yellowstone National Park

Bart and Lisa

Cheree and Troy

I guess that's the big things that have happened in the last year.  It's kind of a bummer that I haven't kept up with blogging about the little things....those are the ones you tend to forget.  Maybe I'll be better at it now that the kids are getting older!  They are growing so fast.

On that note, just for laughs, I'll end with a picture of Kaylee playing house with her brothers.  She's pretending they're her babies.  :-)  They're riding in the car (couch) - see her driving? ;-)
Playing house

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  1. The last pix made me, love kids imagination playing out....