Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've been wanting a clothesline for a while now.  Ever since I started cloth diapering, in fact.  So when I saw some metal clothes poles listed on freecycle, I quickly latched onto them.  Since they were too big to fit in the back of my brother in law's pickup, my dad ended up bringing them over on his trailer.  Then they sat in the yard for a couple of weeks until Rich had a weekend off.  Finally last weekend we got them in the ground, and I now have my clothesline.  Granted, we should have put them in cement, because if I hang lots of wet clothes on the lines, they droop nearly to the ground.  But we'll probably have to move it if/when we take down the big tree by our house (more on that later) anyway.  And when we take down the tree, we'll put the poles in conrete.  But for now, it will do. 

A few days ago I gave all my pocket diapers a  Rockin' Green soak and hung them out for a good sunning.  It looked so cool that I just had to take a picture.  So here's my clothesline, and, as a bonus, my cloth diaper stash as well!  Pockets in the foreground, and inserts on the back 2 lines. 

It was a very hot day, so the camera lens wanted to fog up a bit, but you get the idea. 

 There's something so satisfying about drying clothes on a line.  Especially diapers.  Something like a connection to simpler time.  My grandma always had a clothesline, and I fondly remember helping her lug the basket of wet clothes out to hang (she'd always warn me "don't drop them in the dirt") and then going to get them a few hours later.  And there's nothing like the sweet, sunshiney smell of line dried clothes!


  1. Nice! I agree- I love drying my clothes and diapers on the line. :) One of these days I'd love a set up a little more like yours- but for now (until we make our move to the country!) my little retractable one will have to do.

  2. Are cloth diapers better than the other ones?? Oh and, have I ever told you how cute your kids are? :)Hope to see you soon!