Friday, July 23, 2010


I finally decided that it's time to start blogging again....wonder if I still have any readers left after my long absence? Anyway, here's a quick update on our lives and a few pictures for anyone who doesn't do Facebook....I have quite a few pics on there of the kids, gardens, pets, etc if anyone's interested.

My three little munchkins!

Summer came slowly again this year. It rained a lot, but this year I amazingly kept up with the majority of the weeds. My goal was to have onion and carrot rows that didn't get enveloped by grass this year. I did it! Here's the proof...

We had a bumper crop of strawberries again. So many, in fact, that I had plenty to share with some friends. The raspberries did pretty well too. We've got lots of jam for the winter! Now the beans have started, and the zucchini and cucumbers are producing. I have yet to harvest a ripe tomato, but I'm hoping next week will be the time! Some are slowly starting to turn. The plants are enormous and loaded with green ones, so we'll probably have more of them than we can use again too. After all, I've got 22 tomato plants. Here's Miles beside the "tomato forest".

Yeah. I know. I've got some ideas on putting this excess garden produce that I always seem to have to work for me next year, but more on that in another post.

Kaylee is my little helper. She's the best little babysitter, and Clark loves her. It's hard to believe that she will be 6 soon and starting kindergarten. She's very excited and Mommy is a bit apprehensive :-) Here she is ready to go do her chores in the rain and loving on her baby brother.

Miles turned 3 on the 3rd. He's such a little man already. He's still into trains, so more "Thomas" trains were on the agenda. He also had a very tasty homemade chocolate raspberry birthday cake!

Clark is our little chubby bundle of sunshine. He's growing so fast, and is learning something new every day. He's inches from crawling, and likes to "walk" holding onto someone's fingers, so it won't be long now until he's truly mobile. We have to watch him already because he can roll to whatever he wants it seems. Here he is getting a bath in the kitchen sink. Doesn't every baby album need a photo of the baby naked in the sink? :-)

Rich started a new job in March. He has much better hours, (DAYS!!!) more Sundays off, and a less stressful work environment, so it has been a good move. We haven't been doing much traveling this summer due to his lack of accrued vacation, but we don't mind too much.:-)

As for me, I'm feeling much better. The RA seems to have gone back into remission for now, and have been able to get lots of things done outside. Here's a few snaps of some of my favorite flowers....I"m a firm believer that one can never have too many flowers!

Happy Summer everyone! It's going way to fast, but we're loving every minute of it!


  1. Your kids are so cute!! The cake looks really good too! :) See you at Boyden maybe?

  2. Yay, you're back! :) Glad you're feeling better! :) We need to do a playdate- I'm thinking about (maybe...?) seeing if I can get a little group together this fall- just very informal, mommys hang out while the kids free play. At our house, or other willing mommys' houses, or other free places. Would you be interested?

  3. So good to see you're back! :) Your kids are adorable and growing up SO fast!!

  4. Awww... welcome back! :) Looks like you've been having a fruitful summer. My garden is non-existent this year. Don't know how you do it with 3 kids! Busy lady, you. I answered your question about the CSA's on my blog. I'll try to find out more info. about it. I'm sure I have it somewhere. The "finding" it will be the problem. :)

  5. Emily: Thanks! We'll be there!

    Jenni: I'm in! And my house is always available, even though it's a bit of a drive for you... :-)

    Melissa: They are, aren't they? Sometimes I think I just blink and they get bigger! How are you feeling these days?

    Lani: Thanks, I saw your reply. It's nice to know what people expect/like from such a service. I'm thinking of trying something really 3-5 customers or something. If I get that far. Let me know if you find the other info.