Monday, March 9, 2009

Gone Again

The kids and I are off in Missouri again. This time visiting Grandma and Grandpa Decker. And once again, I forgot my camera, so I won't be able to detail our visit for you. Sorry. Sorry also for the lack of posts the past while....there just hasn't been much of note to blog about! I do have some new knitting projects started: more longies for Miles, Kaylee's sweater, version 2, and a ribbed sweater thing for me in a beautiful to come as I get camera access again.

One of these days I'll share some of my spring projects too. Sooner or later. Now I'm off to enjoy my visit. :-)


  1. G-ma & G-pa said that was a short visit.But VERY MUCH enjoyed every min.Thanks Rich, next time you come too.